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Ottu Shavige / Rice Noodles Recipe

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Shavige or semiya or othu Shavige is one of the oldest traditional dishes prepared out of rice in South India. You can prepare this out of rava (Semolina ) also, which will be also shown in the blog. This dish is a bit tedious to prepare and very much time consuming. It is a very heavy meal and can be eaten along with pickle, coconut chutney, kodekane ( majjige huli ) and sweet lovers can also have this along with banana kheer.

Now let's prepare Shavige

ottu shavige

How to prepare Shavige or semiya

This dish requires around 45 minutes to one hour for steaming and around half an hour for pressing it in the Shavige pressing machine. Those who do not have this shavige presser which I have shown below, can also use Chakkuli Presser. However, if you do not have chakkuli presser at home, you do not have any other option but to go to a south Indian hotel.


Ingredients To Prepare Shavige

  • Long rice ( Budi Rice ) - 3 cups
  • Raw rice - 1 Cup
  • Salt - as per required
  • Coconut scrapings - 1 / 4 cup.
  • Oil - For Greasing

Method To Make Rice Shavige

  • Soak long budi rice and raw rice separately for 8 -  9 hours in water.
  • Grind both the types of rice exclusively in the grinder by adding water every now and then.  See to it that the batter is not very watery in consistency.
  • After a few minutes of grinding, add coconut scrapings in to the grinder and let the mixture get blended into a smooth consistency.
  • Now transfer this in to a big vessel.
  • Add salt and leave it aside for the whole night.
  • The next morning, stir the batter very well and if you find the batter to be thick, dilute it with half cup of water.
  • Take long steel glasses, smear oil lightly in to the inner wall of the cups and fill the cups with the batter.
  • Meanwhile, heat a cooker or tonduru ( tonduru is a authentic vessel which is Available in South canara) or an idli cooker with water in it.
  • Place the cups filed with water inside the cooker and close the lid.
shavige batter
  • Leave it to boil for around 45 minutes - 1 hour.
  • Now take the Shavige presser and place the boiled rice mixture (1 cup ) inside it.
  • Now press the machine and you will get hot Shavige from beneath it.
  • Collect the Shamige on a plate
shavige presser

You hot rice Shavige is now ready to be served.!!!

KitchenMasti Points

  1. The Shavige batter should be as thick as idli batter.
  2. See to it that the batter is well cooked or else the Shavige will turn out into a sticky one.
  3. Instead of coconut scrapings, you can also add half cup of poha ( flattened rice ) while grinding.
  4. It tastes even better when mixed with coconut oil.

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