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Hello, this is Veena Karanth from the city of Bangalore. Well , to begin with,  as I strongly believe that one's knowledge increases by sharing his / her thoughts with others, I thought of  starting this blog called Kitchen Masti . Since cooking is my passion, it has always been fun and a source of stress buster. Only when you enjoy your cooking, the art of culinary skills will be at its peak and that popped me an idea to name my blog as Kitchen MASTI. (Masti is a Hindi word for fun ) :D

Along with cooking, I love to read novels, and tasting different varieties of cuisines in restaurants ( as I am a foodie :). And not to forget I also get back home and try out those recipes, giving my own twists and publish them in my blog. My family is my best critic which helps me in improving my limitations.

It is my sincere effort to bring out the best in me and cover all the types of cuisines in my blog. Suggestions are most welcome and  requested reciepies for a dish on demand will be taken into considerations as soon as possible. And also, any queries regarding the blog or my recipes can be inboxed.
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So, let's get started :D
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