Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Dahi Puri Recipe.

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Chaats are the most desired eateries loved by all the age groups and if you happen to be on the Indian streets during evenings or late night, the roads are simply flooded with chaat vendors selling varieties of chaats and junk food. I have already posted some chaat recipes like paani puri, masala puri, paapdi chaat, palak paapdi chaat and so on. Today I am publishing the Dahi Puri Recipe, another lip smacking chaat. Here, for the dahi puri, we prepare small crispy puris and fill it with chilled curds along with spicy masalas. You have to prepare green chutney and sweet chutney for this recipe which I have already published it in my blog.


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Sunday, 16 October 2016

Dahi Bhindi Recipe

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Dahi Bhindi Recipe is a curry which is very mild and simple in taste and goes on well with chapathi and rotis. Dahi bhindi can be prepared in 2 - 3 ways, of which, I will be showing this method that is quite easy and popular too. Here, we mix bhendi with a onion paste along with a few spices and tomato. Bhendi recipes are favourite among many people and it is quite healthy due to the calcium and other vitamins. Recently, the demand for bhindi has increased among the diabetic sector because of its medicinal values that could control the blood sugar. So, lets start with our dahi wali bendi recipe.


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Aloo Tikki Recipe

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Aloo tikki recipe is one of the delectable chaat recipe that is loved and relished by all the age groups in the street food section. Basically, aloo is such a versatile dish and it acts as a good binding agent, hence it is found in most of the starters recipes. For this alu tikki we mix potatoes with few spices and then shallow fry it. Once your aloo tikki is ready in hand, you can prepare variety of snacks out of it like raagda patties, burger and so on. You can even prepare stuffed aloo ki tikki which I have already posted in my earlier posts where aloo patties are prepared and stuffed with green peas.


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Sabudana Kichdi Recipe.

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Sabudana Kichdi recipe is one of the most preferable piquant recipes when you are on fast. Obviously, it is a taboo to have onions and garlic on those days and this sabudana recipe is a handy one. These tapoica or sabudana are small chewy bubbles which floats in puddings or in payasam. It is highly versatile, thickening agent like that of cornflour and variety of dishes can be prepared using this saboodana, to mention a few of them like sabudana vada, payasa, dosa and roti. This is typically a Maharastrian recipe.


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Monday, 10 October 2016

Toor Dal Chutney / Togaribele Chutney Recipe.

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Toor dal chutney is a South Indian chutney which is one of the best accompaniment which goes on well with hot rice. It is very easy to prepare and very handy when you run out of vegetables. The taste of this chutney is so good that it enhances our capacity of eating and we land up in having a sumptuous meal. The combination of two lentils and grated coconut is the main highlight in this recipe. Many varieties of chutneys can be prepared by using different types of dal which will be covered in this blog. Tur Dal Chutney is also known as Togaribele Chutney in Kannada or Kandi Pachadi in telugu.

Toor Dal Chutney

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