Sunday, 15 January 2017

Eggless Chocolate Mousse Recipe

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Eggless chocolate Mousse, is one of the best creamy dessert which is rich in taste and texture and I am sure that all the cocoa lovers would simply love this delightful and enticing dessert. The preparation of this chocolate mousse eggless is easy and quick, and it can be one of the best party desserts. The moment you taste it,  and the rest is simply incredible leaving a sense of joy and satiating sensation. Here, in this eggless chocolate recipe, we mix cream with melted dark chocolate and later refrigerate the same for a few hours. Chocolate mousse can be prepared by using eggs also. Further, Indian chocolate mousse recipe can be prepared in numerous ways using various other fruits too.


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Stuffed Idli Recipe / Stuffed Masala Idli Recipe.

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Stuffed idli is an ideal breakfast and an excellent starter recipe for the parties. If you are blah over that the same idli recipe then try this stuffed masala idli recipe. Here, we prepare a potato masala as a stuffing and prepare idlis with the normal idli batter. Different types of stuffing can be prepared using variations in the masala. I have used potatoes and tried this stuffed idli recipe.


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Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Ragi Idli Recipe / Nachini Flour Idli Recipe.

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It is a well known fact that idli is one of the best breakfast item for all segments of people like old, young and even for those who are sick. Nowadays cooking various recipes by using millets is the latest trend. One such variety among millets is ragi, also known as finger millet or nachni in hindi. I have already posted a few ragi recipes such as ragi dosa, ragi mudde,and also ragi rotti. Ragi is rich in fiber and calcium and so we should strictly see to it that, as far as possible, we incorporate this ragi in our daily menu. Today I am posting one more addition to the breakfast recipes, that is, ragi idli. Here, in this recipe we mix ragi flour to our normal idli batter with a little variation in the ingredients.


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Monday, 9 January 2017

Undlige / Undlika Recipe / Ammini Kozhukattai recipe / Undrallu Guggillu.

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Undlika is a traditional and a recipe from the good old days where, many might not even have heard about it. It is usually prepared during ganesha festival, where we prepare both spicy and sweet undlikas. Basically it is a dish prepared out of rice and seasoned with green chillis and other spices for the spicier version. Today, I will be posting the spicier version of it. The common version of preparing this recipe is by using the rice flour as a basic ingredient, but in my house, my mother and grand mother used to prepare these undlikas by grinding the rice and steaming the same. Of course, it is a cumbersome method but the result is very tasty and amazing. In Tamil Nadu, it is known as ammini kozukattai and in Andra Pradesh, it is called undralla guggillu but anyway names do not matter where only the taste counts.


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Friday, 16 December 2016

Panchakajjaya Recipe / Kadale Panchakajjaya Recipe.

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Prasada, which may be distributed in the temples in different forms but ultimately, devotion for the deities is something which is felt within and cannot be measured in any way. Shrines have their own way of distributing prasadam or neivedyam in different forms, one such prasada is the so called panchakajjaya which is made out of using any variety of lentil mixed with jaggery and cardamom powder. Aralu panchakkajaya, avalakki panchakajjaya, yellu panchakajjaya and the list goes on. The recipe which I am showing today is kadalebele panchakajjya where in, we use chana dal, powder it and mix it with jaggery. Basically, this Kadalele bele panchakajjaya is prepared during Ganesha festival where we offer this panchakajjaya as a prasada.


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