Thursday, 22 January 2015

Instant Wheat Flour Dosa, Godhi / Godhuma pancake

0 comments Posted by Veena Karanth at Thursday, January 22, 2015
Wheat flour dosa is the easiest of the dosa varities which can be instantly prepared unlike other dosas where in,  you would have to soak and grind. It is indeed very nutritious and the health conscious people need not worry about calorie count. All that is required to prepare this dosa is some wheat and small rava / semolina ( chiroti rava ) along with some green chillies to make it spicy.

wheat flour dosa godhi godhuma

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Monday, 19 January 2015

Goli Baje / Mangalore Bajji / Maida Fritters Recipe

0 comments Posted by Veena Karanth at Monday, January 19, 2015
Goli baje well recognized as Mangalore bajji, is a famous snack originated in Mangalore and other coastal cities in Karnataka. It is available in many restaurants but preparing it in our own kitchen and relishing the crispy bonda ( fritters ) is simply mind blowing. Basically, it is a snack which is very easy to prepare and having it along with a cup of coffee or tea during the rainy monsoons is next to heaven. Here, we mix maida ( all purpose flour ) along with chillis and ginger and form a batter with curds and deep fry them till it turns crispy.

Goli Baje

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Thursday, 15 January 2015

Eggless Pineapple Pastry Recipe

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Pineapple pastry is a soft and moist spongy cake layered with whipped cream and tinned pineapple pieces. Here, a sponge cake is prepared in advance using maida ( all purpose flour ), sugar and other basic ingredients. Baking a cake and then whipping the cream to a required consistency, all depends on practice.

Eggless Pineapple Pastry Recipe

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Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Pani Puri / Golgappa Recipe

0 comments Posted by Veena Karanth at Wednesday, January 14, 2015
Pani puri lists the top among the junk food menu and is loved by many chaat lovers. Initially, pani puri was available only in few cities like Delhi, Bombay, Calcutta and other metro cities but now it has become so famous that its popularity has spread globally. It has been recognized with different names in each city like pani puri, golgappa and so on. The recipes differ accordingly with the areas. Here, small puris are stuffed with fillings prepared out of aloo ( potato) or white peas, and mixed with green chutney and sweet chutney, along with freshly chopped onions and coriander leaves.

pani puri recipe

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Sunday, 11 January 2015

Thimare Thambuli / Brahmi Thambli / Ondelaga Recipe

0 comments Posted by Veena Karanth at Sunday, January 11, 2015
Brahmi plant or thimare is one of the oldest ayurvedic plants, used  in many medicines to cure some of the chronic diseases. It is believed that if brahmi is taken on a regular basis, it enhances memory power and it can cure many diseases relating to brain. One important point to consider about brahmi is that you should never fry or boil it but consume it raw or else it would loose its medicinal values. You can prepare some traditional recipes out of this brahmi like brahmi chutney, thambuli and so on which can be eaten along with rice. Here, in this recipe, brahmi leaves are ground and mixed with buttermilk and spices.

Thimare Thambuli

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