Thursday, 16 March 2017

Pad Thai Noodles Recipe.

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Pad thai noodles are flat rice noodles which is very spicy and is an aromatic thai cuisine. Whoever so is interested in spicy and fiery food will surely love this awesome street style phad thai noodles recipe. The preparation is quite simple and taste is unique. Here, for this restaurant style thai noodles we mix boiled rice noodles with colourful bell peppers, spice it up with soya sauce and chilli flakes and enrich it by adding paneer ( cottage cheese ). The dish looks very colorful and attractive and I am sure you can go ahead with this hotel style thai recipe to satiate your guests appetite.


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Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Raw Mango Rice / Mavinkai Chitranna Recipe

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Mavinkai chitranna is a common favourite rice dish amongst South Indians during the summer season. This raw mango rice recipe is almost similar to that of lemon rice but the tantalising aroma of mangoes is awesome in mango rice. Here, in this karnataka style mango rice we mix grated raw mangoes with some seasoning and mix it with the boiled rice. The recipe is quite easy and it can be prepared in a nick of time. This mango rice chitranna is prepared during festival days too. Mangoes are rich in vitamin c and it would be wise to incorporate it in our day to day use.


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Friday, 10 March 2017

Halsinakai huli / Raw Jackfruit Sambar Recipe.

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Halasinakayi huli or sambar is a seasonal curry which can be eaten along with the rice and I can assure you that it could be a pretty sumptuous meal. As I have already mentioned, it is a seasonal vegetable and therefore it is available only during summer season. Jackfruit can be used as a vegetable when it is raw, and as a fruit when it turns ripe. Numerous delicacies can be prepared using raw jackfruit such as sambar ,sauteed jackfruit and you can also prepare the chips which is quite famous. The raw jackfruit is rich in fibre and surprisingly you can use the seed alone and prepare many dishes out of it. Here, in this sambar or huli, I have used the seeds too, so this jackfruit sambhar is very rich in protein and fiber and in short, this is a healthy jackfruit seed sambar.


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Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Sabudana kheer / Sabakki Payasa / Sago payasam Recipe

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Sabudana kheer is a sweet liquid based dish prepared using tapioca and milk. Basically, this sabhudana has no nutritional value but contains a lot of starch content and directly responsible for the increase in  the carbohydrate level. Sabudana recipies are mostly preferred during those days when we are on fast like shivratri, navratri and so on. I have already published Sabudana kichdi and this sabudana kheer recipe is an additional one. Here for this sabudana paayasa we mix boiled sabudana with milk and sugar and prepare a tasty dessert out of it. Regionally topioca is known by different names, like javvarasi in tamil, sabbakki in kannada, sabudana in hindi and so on.


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Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Bread Cutlet Recipe

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Bread cutlet is a sort of cutlet which is very soothing and vivid. It can hold a prime position in a party menu. A variety of Indian snacks can be prepared using bread and I am sure this particular recipe which I am publishing today is one of the easiest and yummy bread cutlets.You may have come across a variety of bread recipes but have you ever heard of the cutlets using bread crumbs?  Here, in this recipe, we mix fresh bread crumbs with vegetables, add some spice and finally deep fry for a crispy texture. Here goes the recipe for bread cutlets.

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