Thursday, 29 September 2016

Stuffed Beetroot Paneer Paratha Recipe

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Stuffed Beetroot Paratha with paneer and chillis is an excellent breakfast recipe which is both eye catching and appealing. I have already posted many varieties of stuffed paratha recipes in my previous blog posts and this is an addition to the collection. I happened to see this recipe in an old magazine and the author named this recipe as princess paratha and to be frank the taste of the paratha is so tasty and tempting that it is simply irresistible. The cottage cheese and green chilli stuffing spike up the taste. Here, we mix flour with beetroot puree and prepare a dough. Later on, we stuff the parathas with paneer. This paratha is highly nutritious since it contains both vegetables and paneer ( cottage cheese ).

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Beans Pallya / French Beans Stir Fry ( Sabzi ) Recipe

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French beans pallya is authentically a South Indian recipe which could be prepared in a jiffy. This beans pallya recipe is common in every household but recognised by different names. In some parts it is known as beans poriyal, but anyway, the taste does not differ much. We prepare this string beans pallya in two ways out of which, I will share one variety of it today. It is such a versatile side dish that you could eat this with hot rice, tomato saar chapathi, or even with simple and humble curd rice. Here we mix chopped beans with ground coconut, byadige chillies and season it with traditional coconut oil which is very popular in Udupi and other south kanara areas.


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Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Aloo Palak Sabzi Recipe

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Aloo Palak Sabzi is a dry subzi which goes on well with chapathi, puri and other Indian breads. This aloo palak recipe is packed with vitamins and iron contents and so it has a high nutrition value. It is a very easy side dish which takes very little time to prepare. Today I am posting the dry version of palak aloo which can also be prepared in the form of gravy and I will post that recipe in future. Here, in this Aloo Palak Sabzi recipe, palak leaves are mixed with boiled aloo along with a few spices. Here goes the dry version of aloo palak.


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Monday, 26 September 2016

Tawa Pulav Recipe.

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Tawa Pulav is always an one pot meal and tawa pulav recipe is an addition to the rice menu list. Since rice is always packed with carbohydrate, this tawa pulav is filled with energy which helps to quench our hunger pangs and helps to attain the strength which our body requires. Tava pulav is a Mumbai street side dish which is both tasty and easy to prepare at the same time. Now, its popularity is spread across mumbai and reached all the parts of the country. Basically, as the name suggests, it is prepared on a big concave tawa, but it is not possible at homes to cook in such big tawas and so we cook it in normal kadai or pans. Here, we mix rice with some assorted vegetables and toss them in pav baji masala. Further this pav baji pulav is enriched with the addition of butter. Hence, this rice is rich with butter and it is an excellent tiffin box recipe.


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Friday, 23 September 2016

Uddina Hittu Gojju / Udnittu Recipe.

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Uddina Hittu Gojju is a well known side dish, which is eaten along with hot rice. If you go through the priority list among south kanara recipes then Uddina hittu recipe tops the list. Urad dal flour is nothing but powdered black gram flour which is readily available in the grocery stores. You can even prepare your own home made Urad Dal powder by roasting the urad dal for around 5 minutes in the pan, cool it and powder it in the mixer and your instant home made urad dal powder is ready within 15 minutes. The taste and aroma of the uddina hittu gojju  is so appealing that I am sure you will end up in having a heavy meal. The spicy green chillis and the chopped ginger pieces entice your taste buds. Usually this uddina hittu is eaten along with sendige menasu ( dried green chillis ) and a dash of coconut oil. Urad dal flour recipe or uddina hittu gojju recipe comes in very handy during your busy schedule since it does not take much time to cook.


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