Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Spinach Stuffed Chapathi Rolls Recipe

0 comments Posted by Veena Karanth at Tuesday, December 16, 2014
This stuffed chapathi rolls is a complete combo meal filled with cheese, sweet corn niblets, palak which will be loved both by young and adults. This chapathi is incorporated with fiber, iron, calcium which acts as a source of energy. Here you have to prepare white sauce and spices along with other vegetables. You will have to prepare simple chapathi for this which I have published in one of my previous blog posts. The recipe for the stuffing goes like this.

Spinach Stuffed Chapathi Rolls Recipe

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Friday, 12 December 2014

Methi leaves dosa / Menthe Soppu Dose / Fenugreek Leaves Pancake

0 comments Posted by Veena Karanth at Friday, December 12, 2014
The dosa recipe which I am posting today is one of the most healthy and tastiest breakfast recipe filled with vitamins and carbohydrates. It is nothing but methi ( fenugreek ) leaves dosa. Methi leaves, also known as fenugreek leaves grows from the methi seeds which has highly medicinal values. As far as possible, one should try to incorporate the methi leaves in our daily food. A variety of dishes can be prepared using methi leaves like methi roti or tepla, methi seeds dosa, methi thambuli, methi leaves rice, adai dosa, and the one which I am publishing today i,e methi leaves dosa. Here you have to prepare a batter of rice, mixed with spices to which methi leaves are added to it.

Methi leaves dosa

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Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Huli Avalakki ( Spicy Flattened Rice ) / Masala Poha Recipe

0 comments Posted by Veena Karanth at Tuesday, December 09, 2014
Cooking an ideal breakfast everyday is one of the most annoying tasks to face. The most common scenario during mornings in every house is an hustle atmosphere and the recipe which I am publishing today, I guess, it might help at least a few of them. Huli avalakki, as the name itself suggests, is a snack prepared out of avalakki ( beaten rice ), which is globally known as poha. Usually poha is available in two or three types. Here I have used a hard variety which is easily available in the departmental stores. This dish is a south Indian recipe but I hope every one would love it as it is very easy and simple to prepare. I have already published one recipe of poha but, in that recipe I have used soft variety of avalakki ( i,e nylon poha ).

However, in this recipe avalakki is mixed with tamarind juice and jaggery.

huli avalakki flattened rice

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Methi Seeds Dosa / Menthe Dose / Fenugreek Seeds Pancake Recipe

0 comments Posted by Veena Karanth at Tuesday, December 09, 2014
I have already posted a dosa recipe prepared out of Fenugreek leaves and I was overwhelmed by the response. So today, let me post another recipe related to fenugreek. This is a dosa / pancake prepared out of rice mixed with fenugreek seeds and a little coconut scrapings. In fact, it is a well known aspect that methi seeds should be consumed by the diabetic people since it helps in regulating blood sugar, so I think it is a novel idea to use it in your daily food by preparing this methi seeds dosa.

Methi Seeds Dosa

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Sunday, 7 December 2014

Vanilla Chocolate Bars ( Burfi )

0 comments Posted by Veena Karanth at Sunday, December 07, 2014
My children are choco - addicts and hence when I came across this recipe, I tried it out immediately in my kitchen and to my utmost happiness it came out very well. Today I will share the same recipe with my own twists and turns, and hope that every one who tries out this recipe will be contended with it. It looks splendid, and goes on well during birthday parties and during Diwali festivals. Here, you will have to prepare the same burfi ( bars ) twice, once with a vanilla flavor and then, with a chocolate flavor. All you have to do is to spread the chocolate flavored mixture over the vanilla mixture, and when cooled, dice them into squares and enjoy the bars.

Vanilla Chocolate Burfi

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