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Sabudana ( Sago ) Idli / Sabbakki idli / Javvarisi Idli Recipe

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If you have ever thought that the Indians were the only ones who used sabudana ( sago ), then think over it again because it is being used in Brazil, South America and many other countries in the world. It resembles more of a pearl and contains a lot of starch in it. Many delicacies are prepared out of this sago like pudding, khichdi, and so on but apparently it is prepared and eaten on the days of fasting. It is very rich in protein and very beneficial for vegetarians. Idli itself is a healthy breakfast, so you can just imagine the health benefits out of this sago idlis. It is very easy to prepare  and has no chaos. of grinding. Here, in this recipe, sago is soaked and mixed with rice, further it is steamed to prepare idlis. It can be eaten with coconut chutney or coriander chutney.

Sabudana Idli

How To Prepare Sago / Sabudana Idli. 

The time taken to prepare this dish is around 30 minutes and around 8 hours of soaking the sago. The quantity mentioned here is enough for 6 servings.

 Ingredients For Sabbakki Idly:

  • Sago - 1 cup. 
  • Rice rava - 2 cups. 
  • Salt - as required. 
  • Curds - 2 1 / 2 cups
  • Baking soda - 1 / 2 tsp.

 For Seasoning. 

  • Mustard seeds - 1 / 2 tsp. 
  • Urad dal ( black gram dal ) - 1 tsp
  • Red chilli ( byadige ) - 1
  • Ghee - 2 tbsp. 
  • Curry leaves - 1 sprig. 
  • Coriander leaves - 3 strings. 
  • Cashew - 8. 
Sabudana Idli Recipe

Method To Make Sabbakki Idly:

  • Wash rice rava and sago thoroughly.
  • Now, take a big bowl and add rice and sago in it.
  • Add curds and mix properly. Close the lid.
  • Allow it to ferment for 8 - 9 hours.
  • After 8 - 9 hours, when we are ready to cook the idlis, add water and dilute the batter to the idli batter consistency.
  • Heat a small pan with ghee in it.
  • Add mustard, broken red chilli, urad dal, cashew pieces and curry leaves in it.
  • When it starts spluttering, transfer this seasoning into the rice and sago batter.
  • Add chopped coriander leaves, baking soda and salt into it. Stir it well.
  • Now, heat a idli cooker with water in it.
  • Meanwhile, grease all the idli moulds and pour the batter into it.
  • Steam it for 7 - 8 minutes.
  • Now, your piping hot steamed sago idlis are ready to be served!!!!

Kitchenmasti Points:

  1. Since the rice rava and sago absorbs the curds which is soaked overnight to get fermented, water is added the next morning accordingly to get the ideal idli batter consistency.
  2. Upma rava / semolina can be substituted for rice rava wherein you have to fry the rava for few seconds.
  3. Adding green chilli is optional.
  4. You can fry the seasoning in coconut oil instead of ghee.

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