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Paneer ( Cottage Cheese ) Quesadilla Recipe

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The moment I tasted this paneer quesadilla, I was very much impressed by the taste and spiciness which tickled my tongue and it was a great experience. The preparation is simple and also consumes less of your time. I am sure the kids would simply love it. Here in this recipe paneer ( cottage cheese ) is mixed with some vegetables and tossed with spices. Different types of quesadillas can be prepared like bean or corn quesadilla and the non vegetarians can prepare the fillings using chicken and so on. The  quesadillas can be made more richer by adding some cheese to this.

Paneer Quesadilla Recipe

How To Prepare Paneer Quesadilla.

The ingredients mentioned here is enough for 2 - 3 servings and the time take to prepare this is around 20 minutes.

Ingredients For Paneer Quesadlla.

  • Paneer ( cottage cheese ) - 1 cup.
  • Onion - 2.
  • Tomato - 1.
  • Capsicum - 1 1 / 2 .
  • Processed cheese - 1 / 2 cup.
  • Tortilla - 4.
  • Salt - as required.
  • Red chilli Powder - 1 tsp.
  • Green chilli - 2.
  • Coriander leaves - few sprigs.
  • Cumin powder ( jeera powder ) - 1 tsp.
  • Butter - for greasing.
  • Oil 1 tbsp.

Method To Make Paneer Quesadilla.

  • Heat a deep pan or a Kadai with oil in it.
  • Add chopped onions, tomatoes, green chilli, and capsicum in to it.
  • Fry for a few seconds and then add red chilli powder and cumin powder into it.
  • Now add salt and mix it well.
  • Finally add the paneer which is chopped into small pieces. Alternatively, you can even crumble it and add.
  • Garnish it with coriander leaves and mix every thing.
  • Your paneer stuffing is all ready.

To serve the quesadilla.

  • Take a tortilla. I have already shown you how to prepare it in one of my previous posts. Please refer tortilla recipe
  • Fill in with paneer stuffing on one side of the tortilla 
  • Grate and add the processed cheese lavishly and cover it over the other end.
paneer quesadilla recipe
  • Heat a skillet or a tawa with butter.
  • Place the tortilla on the tawa and roast a little on both the sides adding the butter.

Now your cheesy paneer quesidilla is ready to be served.!!!

Paneer Quesadilla

Kitchen Masti Points.

  1. The amount of cheese can be altered according to your taste. More the cheese, richer the taste. Here I have used Processed cheese.
  2. If you want the Paneer Quesadilla to be more spicy, add more green chilli.

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