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Bajra Roti Recipe

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Bajra Roti, a typical Rajasthani related staple bread has now been recognised and admired all over India and has successfully maintained its position among top Indian bread lists. In Rajasthan, this roti is eaten along with garlic chutney which is a favourite among them. Bajra roti can also be eaten with spicy curries like rajma curry, black masoor dal, and veg kolhapuri.This roti is a very healthy option for the people who are diet conscious.
It is believed that eating this bajra roti helps in controlling, maintaining and balancing the blood sugar levels in the human body.

Bajra Roti

How To Prepare Bajra Roti.

This roti requires around 30 minutes to prepare.

Ingredients For Bajra Roti.

  • Bajra Flour ( Pearl Millet ) - 1 cup.
  • Salt - as required.
  • Wheat flour - 1/2 cup.
  • Green chilli -3.
  • Water - as required.
  • Butter - 1 tbsp.

Method To Make Bajra Roti.

  • Take water in a bowl and boil it.
  • Now switch off the flame and add bajra ( Pearl Millet ) flour.
  • Mix it well.
  • Add salt, wheat flour and chilli. Knead it into a smooth dough.
  • Divide the dough into equal sized balls.
  • Dust the balls in bajra flour and roll out into circles around 6 inch diameter.
  • Heat a skillet or a tawa and gently roast the roti on it.
  • Roast both the sides until brown spots appear.
  • Transfer it on the serving plate with a dash of butter over it.

Your yummy and delicious Bajra Roti is ready to be served.!!!

Kitchen Masti Points.

  1. Adding wheat flour is optional.You can prepare this roti using only bajra too.
  2. Chopped coriander leaves and onions can be added to the dough for a unique taste.
  3. You can roast the rotis like a normal paratha ( by applying ghee while roasting it.)

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